Land Traction Kites
Blade III
Blade III
comes packed and
complete with three lines
bar chicken loop, quick relase, and
hand leash all you need to have for
any beginner and not destroy your
inflatable perfect for any occasion
and for all ages and levels
"KSCO" tested and approved  
Now only 220 Euros

Rage 1.8m 320 Euros

Rage 2.5m 345 Euros

Rage 3.5m 385 Euros

Rage 4.7m 440 Euros
Blade IV 4.0m 410 Euros

Blade IV 4.9m 475 Euros

Blade IV 6.5m 560 Euros

Blade IV 8.5m 675 Euros
Kite Surfing Cyprus