Brand new  Hybrid
water relaunchable kite

This Hybrid kite has
surprised the kite world
market with its successful
launch and now
we can hardly keep up
with the demand!
So make sure to
order early !
Ion3 16.5 M
complete with
bar and lines
800 Euros
60 Euros Shipping
5 Euros Handling
7.0m2 / 8.5m2* / 10.5m2 /
12.5m2 / 14.5m2 / 16.5m2*
ION 4 all new 2009
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New Ion4 7m² Kite Only Green 760 €

NEW Ion4 8.5m² Kite Only Blue 830 €

NEW Ion4 10.5m² Kite Only Red 885 €

NEW Ion4 12.5m² Kite Only Green 960 €

NEW Ion4 14.5m² Kite Only Blue 1.050 €

NEW Ion4 bar + lines Red/Blue 325 €
History Flash Back :
The ION4 has come a long way
from it first great great grand father
the ION I " We are amazed year after
year as this year flexi has done it again
and left us in utter awwww "
Ion2 14.5m complete with
bar and lines Mellow
700 Euros
Inclusive of  VAT 17.5 %
+ 70 Euros shipping and